The triumphet squad
The Triumphet Squa

Vital statistics

&nbsp TTS are a group of superheroe's who defend the world of Islam there's 3 of them you have Tech-muscels (boy),star shooter (flying girl),and Stare (girl at the bottom)

Early LifeEdit

3 friends Laytro,quiner,and relya were at school when mysterious forces started to appear everyone in the school was frightened except for these 3 islam friends so they leaded everyone too safety suddenly the whole school blew up in energy waste. the three were in the school when they got out they were fine it was a miracle until they all went home and woke up with mysterious powers they were amazed. they wanted to use there powers for good and stop the wars especially the one that killed their parents.

Tech-Muscels PowersEdit

Tech-Muscels has the power to get technical energy and put it in his body for technical strength and weapons. he can absorb technical weapons in different parts let's say there's a robot with missle launchers he can absorb the launchers in his Body.

Star Shooters PowersEdit

Star shooter has the power to shoot star's of any energy if it's Fire stars,nucelar stars,ice stars,Etc. There's a reason why she has a star on her costume she absorbs any energy of stars and breaks them up into bolts and shoots them at anybody or anything.

Stare's PowersEdit

Her name gives her powers all away she stare's into your eyes and comands you too do something. sometimes it is hard for her especially with the Powerful people she has good fighting skills and she only users her powers only if the squad has to gather info or something that's secret.

Tech-Muscels PersonalityEdit

Laytro is very strong and brave he doesen't let anyone go behind he never leaves a teammate behind or anyone behind. he loves anyone who loves him and hates anyone who hate's him he is only rude and mean for a reason and if someone is goofing around. he can be sweet and nice and also playful (sometimes).

Star Shooters PersonalityEdit

Relya is the fun and wild partyish one. she goofs around on missions and always wants to be jokeful or funny. she is very cute and hot and all the boys in school want to be her boyfriend. most of the time she causes the accidents,or messes up. she can still be a fighter and serious (barely) but at the same time she's fun,outgoing,and just loves her friends.

Stares PersonalityEdit

Quiner is very very very very very very very very very very SERIOUS. She has no funny bone she never smiles she never laughs she doesen't play she's always got a face that's either mean or staright. she is very smart and in honor's classes. she always wants the Job done and when Starshoot is playing or joking that's were she gets shot in the angry bone. Never ever forever mess with Stare.