The Danger Man
Original Superhero Concept by christofferlarsson

Real name

Layne Houseward

Powers and abilites

skilled fighter







hair color


Eye color



bullets,knives etc


bombs,fire bombs, Nunccucks,Gadgets gun,high tech glasses,gas,etc.

The Danger ManEdit

the danger man is a high tech gadget man who defends the world of aurora,colorado

Early LifeEdit

Layne Houseward was a normal intelligent man when all of his family died and murdered by Bang Gang he got so mad he made himself armor and he was lke a police man just a superhero and funky design and he wanted all the bad guys and other gang bangers.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Layne doesen't posess any superhuman powers instead he has Gadget like a gun and glasses that can change mode from bonoculors,scanners,x-ray vision,infared vision,and night vision he has other high tech gadgets like gas bombs,regular bombs and many more gadgets. He also has Nunchucks because he is skilled in fighting.


His armor is Yellow and Black he has Black Gloves and boots Clear high tech glasses Yellow vest armor with black On them. Shoulder Pads and knee pads. high tech gadget belt to store gadgets. He also has the Danger Jet and also Has the Danger- Jet pack


he is very strict and he is loyal and trust worthy he always get's the job done and won't stop till all evil is gone in the World

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