Shakai and shokai
this is shakai and shokai the superhero duo shakai (the girl) has her feather swords and shokai (the boy) has his fist and ninja skill

early lifeEdit

one day a brother and sister (saydan and suro) where in there martial arts class when a group of ninja's attacked named the shaikara. shakai and shokai were trained black belts so at the age of 5 and 8 they beat all the ninja's and they were so skilled it was impressive for their age.

becoming shakai and shokaiEdit

when they realized they had amazing abilitles they wanted to use it for good because there family died they were the only ones living together with their sensei which is their adopted father so they were practicing and saw one of the shaikara ninjas so they picked there outfits and beat the ninja up.

growing up as shakai and shokaiEdit

they grew up together and bonded really well shakai is now in the bussines at 20 years old and shokai is working in a dojo at 28 and when they face evil they reunite and become shakai and shokai.

Powers and abilitesEdit

Saydan and Suro do not posess superhuman powers instead saydan has Two feather swords and A Bo staff. Suro has his fist and Ninja skill's and also He has Nunchucks And Sherikens.


Saydan is very passinote and confident. when somethings bad she won't back down she will fight and defeat the enimes for the sake of all the innocent ones. Suro is very quite and dosen't talk much he is very serious Never smiles or is never happy or joking or kidding. he is always giving orders and wants to keep his little sister safe.


Shakai and Shokai have almost the same costume just that shokai has a back skirt and has a samauri helmet with shoulder sheilds he has pockets for his Sherikens and his Nunchucks are at his back. shakai has side skirt and has pockets at the back to keep the feather swords. she has a long pochet and her back for her Staff. she has a Jack over and on her shoulders and has Tip Shoes.