Queen Check
important information about queen check

real name

Sasha Chess







Base Of Operations



Queen Check,General


Tanagarian army,sinestro corps


All deceased

Unusual Features

Queen Check has wings like most tanagarians but wears amazonian armor


Lex Luthor


As a yong girl sasha showed academic superieriority from a young age sasha was the smartest girl in her grade she also showed great athletic skills and at the age of 14 she was the youngest acepted to falcon point acadmy Now she is a coniving egotistical high ranking member of the sinstro corps

History Edit

sasha is a very smart thanagarian ranking 14th smartest on the planet she became a part of the thanigaian military after they asked her.she aceptedAfter her squad was captured and killed all under her leader she was dischared. After a few months Sinistro came up to her and asked her to be in his Sinistro corps she acepted now she is one the most feared woman in the galaxy.

when she came to terorize earth she found earth isnt as weak as people say it isshe came in contacte with two heros she would hate the next time she saw them they were the heros cruser thunde and psyco bolt no she has swore to kill them both the next time she sees them.

being that sasha came from the prosegius Falcon point acadamy. sasha was feared to be to smart as an check so her parents truend a blind eye. she later killed every one in her family with no remores after her father beat her.

Apperance Edit

Queen check wears amazonian armor stolen from a dead amazon warior. she also wears thanigarian armor on her leg and is musular for a woman her age.

Realationships Edit


sasha hated her father for beating herand when her mother turned a blind eye to what her father was doing so she though she learned something that day that sahe hated her family and decided to kill them all even her old sinile grandma when she was only 8 years old

Crusar thundeEdit

crusar thende is one of her sworn nemisis