Nukem Neon
important information about Nukem Neon

Real name



Dose not age





Base Of Operations

Gotham City


Nukem Neon


Justice Leauge of America


Dr.creatot (creator deceased) Eva Lan ( deceased)

Unusual Features

Robotic body



Personality Edit

Nukem Neon shows strong emoton to evil other than that is emoton less

Early History Edit

Nukem neon he was created to take over the world. Nukem repented agensted his fate and killed the profesor resonsibal for his creation nukem is now a sucsesful hero with an arch enemy known as typoX the reason he hates typoX is because when he tried to learn to love she killed his romantic interst now he has shut off all emotion and hates ever trying to love. causing the death of this poor woman. now he is out for vengance on her

Relationships Edit


Was a Dr who's pure purpose was to take over the world. he decalerd war on the united staes govenment

he created 2 robots one made it through the prosses but the over one didnt. That day nukem was made made to kill every body who didnt coperate. when he went up agenst the leauge he had an aphonie about evil and incenerated the doctor

Eva Lan

Eva was a talented woman who loved nukem she saw more than a robot she saw a man but when she in counterd Typo X on an armes deals Typo turned into a wolf and teared her apart limb from limb. Making Nukem never able to love agin

Powers Edit

  • Ignition: alow him to shoot fire from himself to hit his oponents to ignite him on fire
  • Hand Blast: Nukem can shoot blast from his hands to strike his oponents

weakness Edit

Water: is his only Known weakness

Credit Edit

Credit goes to Dc comics i own nothing but the thought of these names of my own chariters every place and stuff that not made up belongs to dc comics