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My superheros wiki is for the superhero comunity its pure fanon and it your charaters you made from vido games fan art Ect.If you think it put it here.

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Hi im Theteamlover i love dc universe because you create your hero and in this wiki you can tell there story here of your hero or villian old or young your hero has a place here some of my heros are up check them out also chat in the chat room to toggle ideas around for leagues with one another or just new heros and villans don't get shy to talk about your person story every ones a winner on this wiki.By the way this wiki is not a copy of the dc universe online wiki it has people from this game but it has its on concept so that we can all talk about our heros

Hero of the Month (Energizer)

IMG 0770

Hero of the month for August


Villan of the Month

this is tyrant the villian of the month for august


I am a person who understands policy i was raised by a father who taught me to never break a policy or a rule i have maintened a clean record all though school up on till recently i have done great to follow policy on wikis. So not unlike other wikis this wiki has policy if we find that you have broken policy you willl get a warning unless it is serius like harasment you will face a punishement. Personaly I like the way the Admins on the Young Justice wiki I beleve on the internet you need to be strict


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