Madame Magic (alias Christina Beras ) is a young woman child to the great sorceress madame magician she was trained in the mystical arts by Zatana and weilds her mothers axe in battle though she has seen casulates she knows the risk of being a hero and is open to that fact

Madame Magic
Vital statistics
Real name Christina Beras
Alias madame magic
Age 21
Species human

Personality Edit

Christina Beras is a naive young adult who has been manipulated to the wrong thing at the wrong time with the wrong people.she was never a villain but not always a good person. she never thought to ask for her unique ability over magic

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The Daughter of the great sorceress Arial she was always a part of The superhero community. Her mother was the great Madame Magician she was not sure how her life was going to turn when her mother disappeared she took her mothers name but after being attacked by her mothers strongest foes she made her own persona and named her self madame magic using her mothers old axe she started to take on evil till she went to the wrong crowed and started doing trivial things with her powers till her sister was shot and killed. Chirstina hunted him down and brought him to justice


madame magic fought along side other heroes during the Brainiac Invasion

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