hero acadamy
Hero acadamy


to insure the futuers heros are strong independant beings


Michele Ring-Daren(formarly) Lex luthor (formarly) Batman (present)


psycobolt,cursarthunde,greenysteel,sofia blood,

Houses and leader

Spade (paratrol) Heart (madame magic) club (unknown) Ace (Yin yan)


physical education, cumputers(hacking) free period all other school classes

Location Edit

the school is located in metropolisin the slowest part of the city so that there are no distractions in the students and so that they dont get distraced by a villan that is blowing up the city

Classes Edit

Physical EducationEdit

In p.e the students are regured to have a grade of a B- any thing lower the student will have to retake the class till the can graduate heads can have a grade of C+ only because the have more work than other students do.when students take this class it consists of obsticals and dangrous weapens like buzz saws and lasers

Taught by

black canary and wild cat


Students must be able to hack computers a certain times making so if they ever get in a crisis that requries hacking they are ready for the chalange

Taught by Nightwing

Extra curiculam Edit


  • Staff :students learn how to use a staff
  • Sheilds: students learn how to use a sheild
  • one handed weapens: students learn how to use one handed weapens swords and axe ect
  • twohanded:earn how to use maces
  • martial arts: students learn how to uses hand to hand combat

Credit Edit

the following names are property of dc comics

  • batman
  • lex luthor
  • Metropolis
  • black canary
  • nightwing
  • wild cat